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At Better Balance Chiropractic we provide cutting edge and well established techniques combining Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Podiatry and Natural Therapies.

Dr Rick Schlederer,
Principal Chiropractor

At the age of 14 years, after having his first Chiropractic treatment, Dr Rick was inspired and realised he had found his true calling in life. He was amazed by the results and how good he felt afterwards and believed that this was an amazing gift that must be shared.

Dr Rick graduated from Macquarie University with a Science degree in 1996 and followed on to achieve his Masters of Chiropractic in 1998.

Achieving one of the highest Certified N.E.T practitioner status along with training both in Australia and the USA. Dr Rick’s cutting edge techniques provide the highest quality of treatments delivered with a gentle, calm and efficient approach.

Dr Rick’s expertise has been shared with patients from all backgrounds including celebrities, professional sports people, individuals and families.

Your health is the most important asset you possess and we understand that it is a team effort to achieve Better Balance

Dr Rick Schlederer
(Principal Chiropractor)

Dr Emily Alston,

Dr Emily started Double Bay Podiatry Centre 1993 to fulfill the demand for a personalised boutique podiatry clinic providing a wide range of podiatric medicine and treatment options. The unique demographic of Sydney, has allowed the practice to work with children, seniors and athletes alike.

Some of the commonly treated conditions seen in the practice are:

Robyn Spillane,

Optimum Health’s director, naturopath, educator and columnist, Robyn Spillane, employs a gentle but disciplined manner to quickly identify the most effective approach to a client’s wellbeing.

Drawing from her multi-disciplinary background, she treats the whole person, not just the symptoms and her experience includes the areas of:

In over 25 years as a naturopath, Robyn has worked alongside top industry professionals, and has taught many of today’s practising naturopaths during her time at Sydney’s leading Natural Therapy College. Her qualifications include diplomas of Nutrition, Herbal Botanical Medicine, Iridology, live blood analysis and she is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (A.T.M.S).

Robyn's approach:

An initial consultation involves taking a detailed case history, covering the body, the emotions, lifestyle information and habits. This part of the consultation allows the client to become involved in their own healing process.

Robyn’s compassionate and gentle nature helps the client ease into the necessary lifestyle changes with support and encouragement, to achieve the best possible results. Also, as part of the initial consultation, the client may be given a customised diet plan to follow, which is reviewed every two weeks.

During this time, clients will notice significant changes and are usually excited to continue on the road to well being.

Cate Caines,
Massage Therapist

Cate has a deep passion for wholistic massage &
bodywork, with over 25 years clinical experience as a Massage Therapist & Wellbeing Facilitator. Cate’s background has focused on women’s health and supporting them through life’s transitions guiding her clients through a deeply healing and
nurturing experience towards health, balance and inner peace.

As an ambassador for women’s health, Cate teaches Massage in Australia and to women in disadvantaged communities in Africa, Indonesia, & the Pacific Islands.

Her passion as a humanitarian is to share the healing power of touch to support the local women in employment and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Annie Peros, Integrative Holistic Therapist

Annie has over 20 years of experience in positively changing peoples lives. Renowned for her holistic, person-centered approach, Annie seamlessly blends her deep understanding of human behaviour, life cycles & transformation. Her dedication goes beyond simply soothing symptoms; instead, delving into the very root cause of issues. Recognised globally, Annie is esteemed for her remarkable ability to guide individuals towards a more authentic & fulfilling life.


Edwina Pierce, Reception

Edwina (Eddie) is passionate about holistic health, peace, life balance and happiness for herself and others and you’ll see that for yourself when you see her in clinic. In her spare time Eddie spends precious time with family and friends, and especially loves being with her grandson Huxley and her beautiful Viszla dog Ziggy. Eddie also enjoys golf, Pilates and yoga and meditation.


Nethra Vinodh, Reception

Nethra is channeling her passion for the medical field through doing a Bachelor of Advanced Science degree at UNSW. Currently majoring in Anatomy and Biotechnology, she’s interested in pursuing a Doctor of Medicine after she graduates her degree! She loves going for walks with friends to the beach, visiting her family in Newcastle on the weekend, and travelling the world!

Annabel Lorang

Annabel Lorang, Reception

Annabel has joined the Better Balance Chiropractic team whilst taking a gap year to focus on travels, working and Surf Life Saving before going to Macquarie University to study accounting. Annabel is very excited to be working and learning about the different areas of the medical industry. She spends most of her spare time reading or with her friends and family.

Emma Kennedy, Reception

With a passion for human connection and a mission to help others, Emma thrives off of meeting and learning the stories of as many people as she can. Currently a nursing student at UTS, she aims to learn about different forms of patient care.  When she is not on her feet, Emma loves cuddling her cavapoo pup Billie, travelling and relaxing with family and friends.

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